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Any individual, business or group that riders or uses ATVs and Motorcylces responsiblly can join our organization and have their voice heard!. Protect your right to ride responsibly.

A special interest group in the Yukon has quietly been preparing this winter to lobby for legislation that could have a significant impact on the Yukon economy and the right of local riders and visitors to access the land. We ask the Yukon Government to ensure they consider responsible ATV legislation that improves safety and protects the rights of recreational and commercial ATV and motorcycle users to ride responsibly.

Some members of this group supporting restrictive legislation including :

• Restrict Yukon ATV and motorcycle use in the Yukon to a selected trail system.
Limit the altitude at which an ATV can travel Yukon wide.
• Legislate mandatory registration which may mean mandatory insurance for ATVs

In the ongoing discussion if many of the considerations expressed by the groups members and supporters were seriously considered by the Yukon Government, they could have a significant impact on those groups identified, instead of waiting to see what happens, The Yukon Off-Road Riders association is endeavouring to compile the concerns, suggestions and opinions of all members/stakeholders for the legislative committee. We hope through this process to ensure that the potential impact on the economy and the impact on riders’ right to ride responsibly, in any upcoming legislative proposals is minimized while considering the concerns of other land users.

Below we have outlined groups in the Yukon that these regulations could impact if the Yukon Government does not receive clear input from recreational and commercial riders. Those who could be impacted include recreational riders, mining, tourism, hospitality, hunting and outfitting, sales of goods and Yukon First Nations, if many of the people who have spoken out control the debate.

Economic Impact – Mining and Mineral Exploration
ATV’s are important tools for mineral exploration as well as a convenient money saving tool for placer mining operations. If many of their member’s proposals and suggestions made at their meeting were to be integrated into legislation, ATVs would not be able to access remote areas for the purposes of mineral exploration or travel from claim to claim at existing operations.

Economic Impact – Goods and Service
As well as buying big ticket items and paying for maintenance and repairs, commercial and recreational users consume accessories, upgrades, fuel, food, protective clothing and footwear.

Economic Impact – Tourism and Outfitting
We identified over many organizations offering ATV tours in the Yukon, this does not include many outfitting operations. If operator licensing were mandatory these organizations would not be able to lead visitors on ATV on tours or guide visitors in the Yukon.

Economic Impact – Hospitality. When visitors or our members travel in the Yukon to use ATV’s they often stay at hotels and bed and breakfast operations in the Yukon. Just think of how many times you personally have seen trucks and trailers loaded with ATVs and motorcycles outside a hotel in the Yukon.

If the proposal to limit ATVs to designated trails only was integrated into legislation , mushers who use ATVs for training off their own private property could no longer do so. It would be nearly impossible to even map all the trails used by mushers if Annie lake Road or Jackson lake are good examples.

First Nations. If many of the proposals recently made public were to be integrated into legislation, many trails within First Nations traditional territories could be closed to ATVs and motorcycles. Hunting in deep wilderness on traditional lands could go from taking days to taking weeks and access could be restricted for those beyond a certain age/fitness level.

The Rights of Hunters.
The right for a rider to pack out on an ATV after a hunt would be severely restricted or effectively eliminated by limiting altitude and trail access. Hunting in deep wilderness could go from taking days to taking weeks.

The Rights of Responsible Recreational Riders.  If this and many of the other proposals recently made public were to be integrated into legislation, the rights of recreational users are under threat. The right for a rider explore, to view and photograph wildlife, view stunning vistas and some of the worlds most spectacular scenery could be severely restricted or effectively eliminated.

If you would like to have input regarding severe restrictions on ATV and off-road motorcycle use, become a member of the Yukon Off-Road Riders Association (free) and submit your opinion via email. Individuals, organizations and private businesses who ride responsibly can all become members and as our mandate states we will present formally submitted views or position statements of members separately and all other viewpoints collectively to the Yukon Government and at any public meeting regarding potential legislation.

The Yukon Off-Road Riders Association invites the Yukon Government to consult with and all possible stakeholders and YORRA on any proposals for regulations restricting ATV or off-road motorcycle use in the Yukon.

Thank you for your time.

Chris May