On November 18, 2009, the Yukon Legislative Assembly adopted a motion to create a
Select Committee on the Safe Operation and Use of Off-road Vehicles

A special interest group wishes to broaden this committees agenda propose legislation restricting the use of ATVs in the Yukon. This group is the Trails Only Yukon Association, TOYA and their supporters suggested at their public meeting that we should :


• Restrict Yukon ATV and motorcycle* use in the Yukon to a selected trail system
Limit the altitude at which an ATV can travel Yukon Wide, or in select areas.
• Legislate mandatory registration which may mean mandatory insurance for ATVs


*Please note TOYA did not discuss motorcycles specifically, but legally different types ridden off highway vehicles can not be distinctively legislated within the current government framework regarding motor vehicles.


This group held a public meeting on may 6th attended, TOYA never asked who was in support of or concerned about the statements made in their meeting, many of our members said they were and very concerned about the suggestions made. TOYA's stated agenda was to prevent scarring and environmental destruction on the land. Despite this assertion, they have to date only expressed concern about ATV's, not other off road vehicles or trucks.


In their proposals this group made no indication they had considered the potential economic impact of this legislation. They repeatedly cited similar legislation in Alberta and the Southern U.S., regions with significant lifestyle, population, demographic and economic differences from the Yukon.


The Yukon Off-Road Riders Association has a mandate to ensure all stakeholders are consulted in the legislative process and would like you to review our members views on the possible Impact (Impact and Rights) of this legislation on commerce and lifestyle and our members suggestions (Our Suggestions) as to how to approach possible legislation, if the Safe Operation Committee should choose to expand their mandate to include reducing ATV access in the Yukon.

Here are the minutes of the legislature where the comittee was struck, search for "Off Road" in the PDF search or jump to page 21