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We ask the Yukon Government to ensure they consider responsible and informed ORV legislation that improves safety and considers the rights of recreational and commercial ORV users to ride responsibly.

To ensure that any legislation apply to all responsible unregulated land users equally.

A group in the Yukon has suggested what legislation the Yukon Government should enact based on the experiences of other Jurisdictions, that ATV and Off-Road Motorcycle use should be restricted to a mapped trail system.

Their proposals will restrict responsible users either in way's this group has not foreseen or are unconcerned about. The Yukon OFF-Road Riders Associations firmly believe that no legislation should restrict one type of land users access to the land yet permit another while both are acting responsibly and leaving no lasting impression on the landscape.

The Yukon Off-Road Riders Association, Initial Mandate, Defined May 2010.

  • To promote responsible and safe recreational and commercial ATV and off-road motorcycle riding in the Yukon.
  • To provide resources for all recreational and commercial ATV and off-road motorcycle riders in the Yukon.
  • To ensure responsible riding education programs are available to those who desire them.
  • To consolidate and present all members positions to and advocate for member’s interests with relevant legislative committees and other groups.
  • To always respect the rights of and consult fairly with other recreational and commercial land users in the Yukon.
  • Any further mandate will always come from and be defined by association members

Latest News

We met with and presented to the select committee.

We met with TOYA to examine common ground. We made our position on the trail map even more clear to them. We did however agree that trail breaking should be stopped until the territory can figure out a set of rules for it.

The Yukon News Publishes an article on the issues.

A few minutes on CBC-starts 37 minutes in.

We continue to develop materials and gather information. We have also been meeting with the Yukon Government and other interested parties.

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